Where Everything Started

The CITYSCHOOLISTA story began in 2020.

Amid a pandemic and global social justice crisis, like many moms, founder Lisa Quattlebaum was both pressed and inspired to dial-up her social consciousness and civic engagement. Navigating difficult conversations and modeling her social activism with her daughter became more manageable when she translated her love for art, culture, inquiry, and city into illustrations.

Inspired to do more than only 'teach' her daughter about social justice, Lisa tapped into her coaching background. She created a series of experiences where she and her daughter could participate in the learning and ongoing engagement of advocacy, activism, and allyship.

Where We Are Today

Today, the personal project has expanded into a social impact venture supported by 4.O Schools, The VELA Fund, and Apartment Therapy. What began as mindful play and city explorations have become a
blossoming kit series centered on today's pressing social justice issues. Each collection includes lifestyle objects, workbooks, and activity guides for the whole family, making reflection, conversation, and action part of everyday living. Changing the idea and practice of social action one family and one city at a time.